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PRAFO 650SKG (Standard)

Positioning and walking orthosis

PRAFO 650SKG Features Overview

The PRAFO® Orthosis, is a totally adjustable, custom-fitted Ankle Foot Orthosis that can help manage many of the ankle/foot anomalies your patients present to you. With recumbent patients it is used to prevent pressure sores at the heel or malleoli areas due to pressure from a mattress. As the structure uses a metal upright structure it resists the development of plantarflexion contractures when muscle tone might be high - for example in early stroke rehabiltiation. Preventing contractures AND heel ulcers can make a big difference to the potential for rehabilitation. Using the 650SKG can accelerate the prospects for rehabilitation by allowing safe ambulation at the earliest opportunity.

As rehabilitation progresses, the same device can be used to provide protection and control during ambulation. There are several variations of this product line which consist of different sizes (adult, pediatric and infant), liner options (Kodel®, Fleece, Terry Cloth, Polyurethane Foam or Pad & Strap) and a variety of color options. 

One of our most popular varients is the PRAFO 650SKG.

Also, this line is equipped with optional accessories that help complement secondary needs. Keep in mind, we’re practitioners and designers, and we’ll help guide you in choosing the most appropriate AFO system based on patient etiologies, cost and applications.  If in doubt please contact us for assistance in providing your patients the correct model.

NOTE: The posterior ankle strap is shown inside the upright in the photos. When fitted properly, the strap is outside the posterior upright bar.

PRAFO 650SKG Orthosis Posterior view

PRAFO AFO 650SKG Applications

The design is a great choice for Immediate fit, early Intervention in acute or sub acute rehabilitation of the patient. The device is suitable for left and right and adjusts to various foot and lower-limb sizes.

  • CVA, TBI, SCI and Diabetic neuropathy to relieve pressure and prevent the development of deformity

  • Facilitation of functional knee and ankle joint position through flexibility of the aluminium posterior upright structure

  • Allows for optimal dorsi/plantar flexion ankle positioning to provide adequate clearance during swing phase and knee stability in stance phase.

Post musculoskeletal injury of the foot and ankle the Heavy duty version is recommended, product # 682SKG

  • Post tendo achilles lengthening immobilisation

  • Post Botox or serial casting

  • Stable fractures of the foot and ankle

  • Tendon or ligamentous tear/rupture

PRAFO 650SKG Orthosis Anterior view


The design has been refined in over 25 years of clinical experience around the world.  It is designed for both ambulant and walking situations and uniquely has a metal upright. This is important in many situations to resist deformity development and for safe ambulation.

  • Clinically proven for effective ambulation*

  • Infinite sagittal plane adjustability

  • Controls dorsi and plantar flexion

  • Mouldable foot plate

  • Custom-contoured, malleable aluminum heel connector

  • Malleable aluminium anti-rotation bar

  • Compatible with all liner variations that we offer if applicable

  • Proven superior integrity of the superstructure**

  • Available in Adult Standard Kodel liner #650SKG and Paediatric Standard #550SKG

  • Specific options to enhance alignment and support of the ankle and foot are available (e.g. VCA, Plastic stabilising shell.


PRAFO 550SKG Paediatric Orthosis

PRAFO 550SKG Paediatric Orthosis


The following specification applies to the Adult and Paediatric versions

Adult - PRAFO™ Ankle Foot Orthosis

  • Foot length - 6.75 to 12 (inches)

  • Calf height - 12 to 13 (inches)

  • Calf Circumference - 20 (inches)

  • Calf Width - 4 (inches)

  • Foot Plate Width - 3.75 (inches)

  • Weight Limit - 250 (lbs)

Paediatric PRAFO™ Ankle Foot Orthosis

  • Foot length - 4.75 to 8.5 (inches)

  • Calf height - 9 to 10 (inches)

  • Calf Circumference - 15 (inches)

  • Calf Width - 3.5 (inches)

  • Foot Plate Width - 3.5 (inches)

  • Weight Limit - 125 (lbs)

Adjustment of the 650 PRAFO

The 650, 550 and 450 range products can be adjusted with a screw driver and orthotic bending irons. If you need easier adjustment of dorsiflexion/plantarflexion or value/varus consider the APU or DUAL ACTION products

Fitting a 650 PRAFO Ankle Foot Orthosis

PRAFO™ 650SKG AFO Standard
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PRAFO™ 650SKG AFO Standard
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