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Client Spotlight - Christine Waddell

Christine continues to astound us with her progress and her amazing will to recover after Locked in Syndrome first interrupted her life some 17 years ago. It's been a long and difficult road - how would you like to be able just to move your eyes and nothing else, be fed from a tube and rely on others for absolutely everything.

Once labelled as having "no potential for improvement" we have continued to see remarkable recovery with great input from our partners at Neural Pathways of Gateshead and some great technology via ourselves.

Christine is currently using the Gloreha Lite system intensively to see what hand function can be gained.

(See or for more information.)

What a journey to recovery she is on.... From gaining a small movement in her hand, moving her arms forward, to being able to stand with assistance, to FES Cycling and hand-biking, to now standing regularly in a frame and gaining benefits from Gloreha.

We really can't wait to see what you can do next Christine!!

If you'd like to read more about Christine and her incredible journey, persistence and hard work please check out her Facebook page and You Tube channel.