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Client Spotlight - Jason Miller

You will have seen us talking a lot about the Tek RMD. The first time we saw it we knew it could make a huge difference to people's every day lives. Being able to be upright and move freely around our homes is something that many people take for granted. Simply reaching the top shelf can be an impossibility for wheelchair users. This was one of the simple reasons we were so excited about introducing the Tek RMD.

Thumbs up!

The only thing better than us 'knowing' that this is a good product - is being told so!

That's why we were delighted to hear from Jason Miller, the first of our spinal cord injured clients to receive the Tek RMD in the UK. He says " it has been better than I could have expected"

He is now putting his little girl to bed as he can reach the blind to close it. As she sleeps on a high sleeper style bed and he can now give her a kiss good night! After a only a few months, Jason now spends 2 to 3 hours using it daily with no adverse affects and it replaces his wheel chair in the house! Excitingly his spasms have significantly reduced - by 50%!

So all in all...its going pretty well!

Check out some the videos below of Jason demonstrating how easy it is to move around and go from sitting to standing with the system...oh, and showing off some pretty nifty moves!!