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Gloreha Professional 2 - Looking Good!

We were delighted to see the new Gloreha Professional 2 on a recent visit to the manufacturers - Idrogenet. We had had the list of new features for some time but seeing it in the flesh, and using it ourselves, we can really see the benefit of the improvements.

New Look
The first thing you notice is the vastly different look and structure of the new machine. It has designed to be much lighter and easier to move around. Its light coloured, sleek and clean features means it looks great in any environment.
One of the simplest but most useful changes is that the control cable is now much longer. This means that the position of the client and the Gloreha 2 has many more options than before - whether that's across a consultancy table, at a client's bedside or more.

Updated Software
The software has seen a complete overhaul. It still has the same simple and intuitive interface but with a deeper toolset for the therapist. There are a large number of customisable options including:

  • Each user's personal exercise plan
  • The flexion, extension and range of motion independently for each digit
  • The individual exercise and total exercise session duration
  • The pauses between each flexion and extension episode
  • The audio and video effects
  • The video preview of each exercise
  • The speed of movement 
  • The Vocal guidance during therapy execution
  • The background music during the therapy

Optional Extras
A fantastic addition is the  new dynamic arm support system with weight compensation. This means that the training arm can be supported, greatly facilitating functional arm training. This accessory combined with the new, longer control cable gives much more freedom to use Gloreha in activity training.
There is also the option of an ergonomic workstation for use directly with the Gloreha Professional 2.

For more information on the new model you can browse our Gloreha microsite or Contact Us to arrange a demonstration at your convenience.