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Product Announcement - SEM Glove

We are delighted to introduce the SEM Glove to the UK and Republic of Ireland market from January 2015. The SEM Glove is conceived and produced by Bioservo Technologies AB in Stockholm., Sweden. The product was recently reviewed on a special programme of Channel 5's 'The Gadget Show' last month and we're really excited to be able to offer this new technology to our clients.

What does it do?
The glove is designed to help amplify the strength of someone with a compromised grip. This can be due to stroke, arthritis, spinal cord injury and more. The SEM part of the glove stands for 'Soft Extra Muscles'. Unlike the hard mechanical structures that we see in robotics, the SEM glove is soft. The sensors on the fingertips (that you can see in the image above) are able to 'feel' when you squeeze an object and assist you by amplifying the grip through your fingers with special tendons.
Squeeze a little harder and the SEM Glove will help you more.
As soon as you begin to release the object, the finger sensors acknowledge this and release the grip. The sensitvity is set specifically for the user depending on their current grip strength.

Is it for me?
It's not of value for people with total paralysis - you need to be able to flex and extend your fingers. When the basic problem is a weak grip or lack of grip endurance this is for you though.
System price complete is around £4730 or €6000.

How can I try it?
We will begin product demonstrations in January and already have some eager clients with appointments. Please Contact Us to find out if the SEM Glove will be useful to you, and to arrange a demo at your convenience.

We see this as a great companion product to the Gloreha Pro and Gloreha Lite range. Gloreha is a therapy tool of course but with some individuals Gloreha just might get them on the path to where they can start to use the SEM Glove successfully.