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June Event Roundup

June was exceptionally busy time for us this year. Along with traveling to see our clients - including a trip to the beautiful County Cork - we also attended a number of events and conferences across the UK.

We're very proud of the technology and products we provide to our clients, but of course people need to know that they exist in order to benefit from them at all! Exhibitions and conferences are an important way for us to meet clinicians, case managers, clients and more. Its a great opportuntity to learn from each other, understand new developments (in science, tech and the law) and the challenges facing clients and their families.

This June we visited the Neurological Rehabilitation Therapy and Technology Expo, the BABICM Summer Conference and A Chance For Life. Here is a little bit about our time at each.

NeuroRehab Expo

Our stand at the Neuro Rehab Expo!

Our stand at the Neuro Rehab Expo!

The Neurological Rehab Expo is still young - this being its second year - but it is a fantastic show. We were exhibiting alongside some of the biggest companies in rehab technology, some younger exciting new companies, support and advocacy groups and specialist facilities. The visitors came from across the UK and ranged from occupation therapists and physios, to lawyers and even elite athletes! (The neighbouring Elite Sports Expo meant we saw a few Team GB tracksuits around!)

Our biggest takeaway from the show is how much more emphasis there is now on upper limb rehab. A much neglected area in the past we were delighted to see a lot of new technology focussed on the recovery of hand and arm function. Indeed we had a lot of visitors trying both the Gloreha and SEM Glove over the two days! Thomas, one of our partners from, was with us for some of the time and on hand to help with the queue of people wanting to get their hands on our soft exo-skeleton! We were also delighted to see the newest version that we'll be revealing very soon!

BABICM Summer Conf

This 2-day conference run by the British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers, brings together case managers, lawyers, law firms and therapists from across the UK.The first day was focused on the specific and changes in the law - including reviews or particular cases. The second day was focused on rehab improvements, studies and approaches to recovery.

Again we found the SEM Glove attracted a lot of attention with visitors immediately identifying a client who could benefit., The Gloreha and FES Cycling systems provoked longer conversations about long term health and lifestyle benefits of using devices at home. Although a sticky topic in previous years, we found that with increasing studies adding weight to the argument, Neuroplasticity is a hot topic! Both therapists and case managers are looking at wide ranging approaches (mixing technology & quality hands on therapy) to get the best outcomes for their clients.

A Chance For Life

A Chance For Life is a brand new event and certainly one that made (and will continue to make) an impact. A Chance For Life offer Brain Injury Case Management and Rehabilitation services. This inaugural conference brought together leading figures in brain injury rehab to explore ways that services can work together and improve the lives of clients. By lunchtime you could see the wheels turning in all the attendees heads! This conference definitely encouraged an environment of networking and we met fantastic people - both attendees and exhibitors that we hope to work with in the future.



What struck us here was despite a number of conversations about the continuing challenging financial circumstances and resource restrictions, there is great passion and care across every service to deliver the highest standard of care. Everyone is looking at new ways to partner up, combine resources, work smarter and get the best possible outcomes.
Again, in our conversations, neuroplasticity is a hot topic. There was a lot of interest in our partner company's (Fixxl Ltd) cognitive software RehaCom - especially with the benefits of remote supervision.

We're looking forward to following up with all the people we met over the last few weeks and thinking more about the ways we can partner up with companies and services to deliver an even better experience for our clients.

So, our thanks to all the organisers and visitors for making this such a good experience!
Let us know your experience if you were there too. What did you get out if it / learn / confirm?