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Dynamic Arm Support following a Stroke

Lack of arm movement can be very debilitating following a stroke. Shoulder pain and an arm that feels incredibly heavy is obviously a real barrier to recovery.


The Gloreha Dynamic Arm support is a nicely engineered device that provides an adjustable amount of lift to the users affected arm.

Clamping to a table or wheelchair the amount of support can be varied very easily and precisely over 12 steps - giving support between 900 and 4800 grammes.

The whole unit allows the arm to move effortlessly to ease the performance of functional tasks or exercises. After use, the DAS can be "parked" in a convenient position.

Although designed as a companion to the Gloreha Hand Rehabilitation Device, the Dynamic Arm Support System is proving a big hit - with a nicer appearance than competitor products and an attractive price. Contact us for price information or to see one   For details of the whole Gloreha Range see