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Indego Exoskeleton Update

The Indego Therapy kit has been adopted by the therapy practice More Rehab from Sheffield/Doncaster to use as part of their routine clinical work.  Up until now, the main focus with exoskeletons in the news has been their use as assistive devices following a spinal cord injury. 

Whilst More Rehab will of course offer their services to spinal cord injured clients they are featuring the Indego in intensive, active therapy for persons recovering from Stroke or dealing with MS and other neurological conditions.  More Rehab are also reaching out to smaller therapy practices in the North especially to allow more persons the opportunity to try out the Indego and indeed experience therapy using it.

The software available with the Indego now allows highly personalised, variable support to be provided to a client rather than always operating in a mode where the exoskeleton does all the work.  This is exciting in our minds because such widening of the application of exoskeletons is likely to encourage continued development so that everyone benefits.

The Indego Exoskeleton features two software systems that make fine tuning of robotic support a reality

The Indego Exoskeleton features two software systems that make fine tuning of robotic support a reality

For your information the centres now using the Indego in the UK are

  • The Wellington Hospital, London NW8 6PD

  • The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital Aylesbury, Bucks, HP19 9AB

  • More Rehab, Sheffield S7 2BG

If you haven't tried the Indego yet you can approach these facilities for an assessment and try out.

The manufacturer recommends a 4 hour experience including the safety assessment and measurement.  The price for this is likely to be £250 or less.  Im afraid we dont control the fees the institutions charge and fees may vary.

Clients who purchase an Indego will complete a practical training programme of 35-40 hours if the manufacturers recommendations are followed.  The last time we enquired, post-purchase training from the Royal Bucks was £2,500 and from the Wellington £4,150.

If you have questions about the Indego device please let us know or with respect to assessments and training please contact the organisations above.

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