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Things are different with the Indego

The Indego is a terrific therapy device - not just for complete paralysis situations

A few years ago a clinician friend referred to exoskeleton developments as "mobile standing frames". His not so disguished message was simply that this was an expensive way of standing with no additional benefits over a conventional standing frame for his SCI clients. 

We too had seen evidence with one of our clients that exoskleton use had actually led to muscle wasting in the quadriceps due to her missing her fes cycling routine.  We are now seeing the emergence of embedded FES systems in these developments which certainly should be helpful to many clients.

The real advantage of the current Indego generation lies with the two software suites that are available - Therapy+ and Motion+.

Many individuals, therapists and potential users assume that the exoskeleton is going to be "doing all the work".  Of course with complete spinal cord injury when the individual has no ability to generate movement in the lower limbs the exoskleton HAS to provide for the totality of movement.  But what about a person recovering from stroke, trauma or other neurological condition where the user has some preserved function?

The Motion+ software can provide full or variable assistance to a client with absent or minimal motor function whereas the Therapy+ software is ideal when the aim is functional restoration.

If you want to learn more you can view the brochure which explains this in detail or contact us for a copy and further information

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