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FES Cycling webinars

We threatened to offer additional training on our RehaMove FES system and the principles and practice of FES last year- but it didn’t quite make it to the top of our action list. We are now looking again at piloting an on-line course for clients and partners if we get a positive response.

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is a great tool for rehabilitation and it’s been around for decades (admittedly the technology has improved somewhat). However, FES is still not as widely known as I would have expected. For more than 10 years now we have worked with the RehaMove FES Cycling system from Hasomed and seen our private and clinic customer base grow steadily over this time.

My biggest concern initially was not so much whether anyone would buy these systems but whether they would continue to use them for the long term. We hate offering systems that people can’t or won’t use. We have been pleasantly surprised at how enthusiastic users have been.

There has been lots of research showing the benefits of FES Cycling for cardiovascular fitness, bone density and so on but as we all know, simply because something is good for us doesn’t mean that we will continue to do it. After all, gym businesses rely on the fact that many subscribers simply don’t turn up at the gym too often.

We think the RehaMove is relatively simple to use and programme yet powerful enough to deal with pretty much any training situation. The FES unit will now integrate with the Reck MOTOmed Viva2, the Letto for use in bed or intensive care and as an add-on to the new Reck Muvi unit. The FES unit is also used to augment various forms of exercise and in the right hands is great for developing improved function. We also now team up the RehaMove with Bike Labyrinth for virtual bike rides which ramps up the quality of the cycling experience for users.

We do understand that clients may struggle with some of the technical matters and terminology and not grasp how to make changes to their stimulation settings over the long term. Part of the challenge is that every user will respond differently and for a variety of reasons we can’t predict from afar exactly what the stimulation settings should be. A visit from one of us of course is likely to be chargeable after the original commitment and we always hoped not to create a dependency.

FES parameter setting is an art as well as a science

FES parameter setting is an art as well as a science

We have never believed in technology for making adjustments remotely over the internet. Far better to have a personal visit or adjustments made in that way by a competent person - and of course when possible have the user or their care team develop the knowledge to make their own adjustments.

As we have developed connections with our therapy partners there is probably one close to each client and available for a home visit if that is preferred, but we understand that many clients want to know more and do more for themselves.

What we do have is depth of experience. We can draw on our experience of working with hundreds of clients and knowledge of the principles of FES that go back to the 1970’s. The questions is how to package that experience in a useful way.

We are looking at webinar technology with a view to piloting a series of events for clients and partners in 2018. The aim would be to cover the principles and practice of FES both as a cycling modality and as an adjunct to other forms of exercise with a variety of conditions.

These events would be pilots - low or zero cost for clients and therapy partners and help us to give shape to fully rounded training and education for the long term.

Let us know if this is of interest - we will limit the numbers initially to offer a more personalised event.

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