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Trying an Indego exoskeleton in 2019

With many of the consumer products that you and I would consider purchasing, the decision is not particularly complicated. We can usually understand quite easily whether a product is something that we want or need - and then it’s down to affordablity.

As we pointed out in a recent article “How to Buy an Indego Exoskeleton”, we expect that potential users will want to try each exoskeleton on the market and explore what they can do. This is not something that should be done with a “quick demo”. In fact, it might be unsafe to take this approach because each exoskeleton will demand a certain level of “competence” from the user to get the best out of it. At the first encounter the limiting factor is the ability and physical level of the user - it’s not the exoskeleton that is the limit. A Formula 1 car is capable of amazing performance but no one would expect a person who has never driven one to even make it out the pits.

The Indego Exoskeleton is a great product but of course that doesn’t mean it is suitable for every person with a walking difficulty - even if they do have the funds to purchase.

As an ethical business we separate clinical assessment and goal setting from product purchasing. This means that trying the Indego means you won't be under pressure from a sales person.

Indego Demonstrations - How this works

So - you are interested in a demonstration. It is sometimes a disappointment when we suggest to clients that they will have to visit one of the three clinical centres in order to try the Indego. Even worse - we suggest that you will be charged for this. We feel that this is in your best interest because:-

  • You will not be receiving a quick demonstration from someone who is rewarded for selling an exoskeleton

  • It ensures that all the necessary steps will be taken to ensure that you will be assessed carefully - they will make sure that you would be safe to use the Indego

  • It ensures that you are introduced to the product in way that you develop some skills and can have a realistic view of what the Indego might do for you. This is going to take a few hours of a trained professional’s time.

  • Adopting technology like this is a serious investment and we all need that investment to be based on a realistic assessment - not a quick demo

The right exoskeleton can change your life so it deserves to be approached carefully.

Derek Jones PhD MBA

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