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Fitting and adjusting a 650SKG PRAFO

The 650SKG is an easy to fit PRAFO (Pressure Relief Ankle Foot Orthosis) design that is ideal to protect the heels of an at-risk patient. It is only the only design with metal upright and intrinsic walking base to ensure safe positioning and protection of the heel whether the patient is in bed, wheelchiar or carrying out limited ambulation.

The structure of the 650SKG represents the tried and tested original design in which dorsiflexion/plantarflexion adjustment is possible but best carried our using an orthotist’s tools. If more precise or radical adjustment of dorsi or plantarflexion is needed then the 652SKG (APU) might be a better bet. If more adjustment of the varus/valgus angle is needed then the 653SKG (Dual Action) is the preferred choice.

In the video below, Joe explains the process of fitting the 650SKG to a recumbent patient. You can turn the subtitles on or off.

The 650SKG PRAFO is the adult version that fits either left or right leg and contains some adjustment features that might not be obvious at first glance. The short video below shows how the height and foot length can be asily adjusted with a screwdriver. The use of orthotic bending tools allows for adjustment of the dorsi-plantarflexion angle. The liner system is stripped away to show the underlying structure.

If a paediatric equivalent product is required please check out the 550SKG design which has all the attributes of the adult version in a scaled down package.