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Fitting the E-Rom or Quad elbow orthosis

The Elbow orthosis range offers features valuable across many clinical conditions

The E-ROM and Quad elbow orthoses are two of the popular designs in the Anatomical Concepts range of elbow orthoses. The designs share a common overall structure with a “single strut design” that positions the jorthotic joint behind the elbow. This makes these designs comfortable for patients to wear - leading to better overall compliance with useage. When compared with designs that have struts both medially and laterally the designs avoid rubbing and snagging of clothing etc.

You can find further general details on the 1300 Quad and the 1350 E-ROM elsewhere on this site. These show the individual features and benefits of the joint structures.

The E-ROM™ elbow joint offers three functional joint variations (Lock out, Variable Range of Motion (ROM) and Free motion) that can help address numerous upper extremity elbow anomalies.

The QUAD™ elbow orthosis joint offers four functional variations (Ratchet, Lock out, Variable ROM and Free motion)

The video from Joe below shows the general fitting procedure. You can turn subtitles on and off as you choose.