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Things are different with the Indego

A few years ago a clinician friend referred to exoskeleton developments as "mobile standing frames". His not so disguished message was simply that this was an expensive way of standing with no additional benefits over a conventional standing frame for his SCI clients.  Things are different with the Indego

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IndegoDerek Jones Comment
Indego Exoskeleton Update

The Indego Therapy kit has been adopted by the therapy practice More Rehab from Sheffield/Doncaster to use as part of their routine clinical work.  Up until now, the main focus with exoskeletons in the news has been their use as assistive devices following a spinal cord injury.  More Rehab will take advantage of the software systems of the Indego to offer intensive therapy to clients who can benefit from variable assistance.

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Exoskeletons for rehabilitation - Hooray for Indego

What have the Indego exoskeleton and golf practice have in common?  It's all to do with how we learn actually. The arrival of the Indego and other exoskeletons could and should sweep away some of the obsolete thinking and outdated practices that constrained what we could expect of rehabilitation in the past.  It's no good implementing frequent, intensive and functional rehab without the right tools. It's not good for golf either.

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