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Staving off Alzheimers in advancing age

One of the least “spectacular” products we deal with is the Bike Labyrinth system. It is however, one of the products that can have the biggest impact in practice. When cognitive decline due to Alzheimers or dementia is stealing quality of life, this approach provides a practical intervention that makes a real difference. What does science tell us about maintaining long term brain health? We take a look at this

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Bike Labyrinth and Combating Dementia

Exergaming with Bike Labyrinth is an intervention in which physical exercise is combined with cognitive stimulation in a single task. A recent study deployed Bike Labyrinth’s interactive cycle route technology with older adults with dementia. The study found that exergame training improved psychomotor speed, compared to an active control group. This finding may be clinically relevant as psychomotor speed is an important predictor for functional decline.

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