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The PRAFO and preventing pressure sores

The PRAFO designs of ankle foot orthoses are an effective way of (ideally) preventing or healing pressure sores at the heel. So why are these designs successful in achieving this in both immobile and ambulant patients? The answer to the PRAFO’s effectiveness is very simple - even if understanding how pressure ulcers can develop is complex. In this article we touch on the biomechanics of pressure ulcers.

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Which knee orthosis to use for severe osteoarthritis?

When would you use a V-VAS orthosis? Osteoarthritis of the knee produces pain and reduced quality of life and orthotic bracing is commonly used as a conservative management approach. Depending on severity and choice of brace it can be helpful. The accepted wisdom is that bracing is less effective with severe osteoarthritis - but what do you use when surgery is not possible, refused or too risky.

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What use is a PRAFO Ankle Foot Orthosis?

Lack of mobility tends to increase the risk of pressure sores and the heel is particularly vulnerable to ulceration. The PRAFO® range is perfect for all patients with compromised mobility and at risk of developing pressure sores at the heel.  It is not the only device on the market now but it still offers the best spread of functionality. When thinking about pressure relief it is important to remember some broader clinical objectives that can shape your choice of device.

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