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Fitting the E-Rom or Quad elbow orthosis

The E-ROM and Quad elbow orthoses are two of the popular designs in the Anatomical Concepts range of elbow orthoses. The designs share a common overall structure with a “single strut design” that positions the jorthotic joint behind the elbow. This makes these designs comfortable for patients to wear - leading to better overall compliance with useage. A video shows the general fitting procedure. You can turn the subtitles on and off as you choose.

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Fitting and adjusting a 650SKG PRAFO

The 650SKG is an easy to fit PRAFO (Pressure Relief Ankle Foot Orthosis) design that is ideal to protect the heels of an at-risk patient. It is only the only design on the market with a metal upright and intrinsic walking base to ensure safe positioning and protection of the heel whether the patient is in bed, wheelchiar or carrying out limited ambulation. Here we look at fitting and adjustment.

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Finding fitness despite disability

Being resilient is a great quality to gain. Improving and maintaining our fitness is important for all of us. If you are disabled and have limited mobility, keeping fit and active can feel much more difficult, but it doesn't have to be this way. In any case, keeping fit has a big pay off when it comes to gaining quality of life for the long term. You can look upon exercise as the best medicine - so how do we get it?

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Its the little things...

For many of our clients with limited or compromised hand function, this can pose a challenge. We regularly hear things like -  How can I enjoy a round of golf if I can't grip the club properly? How long can I work in the garden without tiring or being in discomfort? What if I knock over my glass while out with friends? Physical and mental barriers come up and they start to shy away from their favourite hobbies, or dread social occasions, which of course impacts on happiness.

If you, or someone you know, has suffered a stroke, brain injury, brachial plexus injury, incomplete spinal cord injury or perhaps suffers from MS, then this may seem familiar. So how do we change it?

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Button Fastener keeps Tom looking sharp!

For people with impaired hand function, it is often the simple, everyday actions we take for granted that pose the most challenge. Like buttoning up a shirt.

In this video, a group of students at NCAD (National College of Art & Design) in Ireland - show how they designed, prototyped, and produced a really effective Button Fastener for their client Tom, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis.

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