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Denervated muscle and the Stimulette Den2x

Denervated muscles require a different electrotherapy protocol to "conventional" FES but research has shown that technology such as the Stimulette Den2x from Dr Schuhfried can reverse the loss of tissue bulk and quality that results from a denervation injury.  Restoring tissue in this way can reduce the risk of pressure sores, improve circulation and dramatically improve appearance.

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How much does an FES cycling system cost?

One of the first questions that potential FES cycling system owners might want to know is how much does a system cost?  I guess from a potential client’s point of view there is not a lot of point in finding out about all the features and benefits if the cost is out of reach.  In this article I can give you some guidance on the approach to pricing we apply to our RehaMove FES Cycling range. 

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