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Comparing the Indego exoskeleton and the Tek RMD

As we noted in a recent article, we are sometimes asked, “You work with both the Indego Exoskeleton and the Tek RMD - which is better?” This is really like trying to compare oranges and apples. It very much depends on the functional ability and aspirations of the individual client. Whilst both can potentially allow someone with lower limb paralysis to stand and move, both products have very different features and benefits. Both are outstanding products but their true value can only be judged in relation to individual goals and priorities.

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The Tek RMD - a mobility device that gets you standing

The Tek RMD combines two functions we can see in many other rehabilitation products and does this combination in a rather unique way. The Tek RMD combines the ability to easily stand and to move in an upright posture despite paraplegia. The typical client with a lower-level spinal cord injury recognises the need for them to stand on a daily basis but would admit that this has been hard to achieve. Who wants to take time out of their day to fit in some static standing ?- it might be good for you but it’s not really functional. Using the Tek RMD allows the user much more freedom to combine standing and movement indoors without compromising function to a great extent.

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Client Spotlight - Jason Miller

You will have seen us talking a lot about the Tek RMD. The first time we saw it we knew it could make a huge difference to people's every day lives. Being able to be upright and move freely around our homes is something that many people take for granted. Simply reaching the top shelf can be an impossibility for wheelchair users. This was one of the simple reasons we were so excited about introducing the Tek RMD.

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