Anatomical Concepts (UK)
Masters of Rehabilitation Engineering
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1350 E-Rom

Variable Range of Motion

The E-ROM orthosis


  • Acute and Sub Acute Rehab
  • Home Health Rehab
  • Neuromuscular Rehab
  • Orthopedic Rehab
  • Caregiver Assistance


  • Low Profile
  • Simple fast fit designs
  • NEW wrap-around closure with open cell material
  • Infinite static-progressive ROM positioning from 0º to 110º
  • No medial upright impingement
  • Decreased fitting time
  • Single dorsal upright
  • Bi-directional stretching

Sizing and Technical information

  • EMO Orthosis 1350 - Adult
  • Length -  13.5 (inches)
  • Forearm Circumference - 8.5 to 20 (inches)
  • Upperarm Circumference - 8.5 to 20 (inches)
  • Forearm Length 2.25 (inches)
  • Upperarm Length 2.25 (inches)
  • Weight Limit - Not Applicable

The 1350 E-ROM Orthosis

This  E-ROM, range of motion adjustable Joint System has a low profile design that enables a simple fast fit. The new wrap-around closure and single dorsal upright eliminate medial upright impingement.

Infinite range of motion positioning 0º to 110º provides flexibility and comfort. Designed for musculoskeletal injury immobilisation, Elbow Orthoses have different uses and Anatomical Concepts developed unique orthoses to meet a range of clincial needs.

Specifically designed for Musculoskeletal injury immobilisation, CVA, TBI, SCI, CP, and MS or Post Op Radial head injury
Variable Range of Motion Hinged Elbow Brace