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Simply Effective Hand Rehabilitation 

Isn't it about time we had truly efficient and effective hand rehabilitation tools?  

Damage to the hand is not just a problem of manual dexterity - the hand has always been a tool for communication and self expression - hands express our cultural identity, our place in the world and even who are as individuals at the deepest level.  

The Gloreha Pro2 features significant advancements in a tool that makes hand rehabilitation efficient and effective. Gloreha is designed to be a flexible and powerful tool for therapists to use during any phase of rehabilitation.

Gloreha provides the means to set different functional goals and protocols according to the specific circumstances of the patient.


  • Intensive Mobilisation - As a principle, intensive mobilisation is important to make functional gains. Gloreha provides a vehicle for intensive mobilisation - even when the patient cannot use his or her fingers actively.
  • Action - Observation Therapy - The software system provides high resolution, multi-modal feedback to the patient. This is valuable as visualising and thinking about a movement activates the same brain areas as carrying the physical movement for real. Gloreha offers a video preview (a real movie or virtual 3D simulation) which supports the patient in the motor planning phase.
  • Augmented Reality - Gloreha enhances the patients sense of movement by using customisable audio-visual effects (changing colours. backgrounds, songs or verbal instruction)
  • Active Participation - The therapist can set partial ranges of motion and the patient can be tasked to actively complete the movement initiated by the device.
  • Whole Arm Focus - By using the Dynamic Arm Support system the patient can move the whole arm for functional exercises with anti-gravity support.
  • Functional Tasks - Gloreha therapy can be enhanced by interacting with real objects and by carrying out practical daily activities
  • Bimanual Therapy - In the case of stroke where there is typically an unaffected side of the body, the patient can see and replay with his unaffected hand, the movement performed by the device on the affected hand. This supports and increases the attention level.
  • Proprioceptive exercises - Loss of proprioception is a significant barrier to functional recovery. Gloreha trains the patient to "reconnect" his body-mind to the movements and tasks thereby improving body awareness.

Clinical Indications

Gloreha has broad application with patients with hand paresis or plegia after injuries of the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system or spinal cord. It is also valuable for the post-acute treatment of patients following hand surgery, CRPS and several other conditions.

Gloreha Pro 2 System

Each Gloreha Pro 2 system consists of 

  • Dynamic arm supports with adjustable weight compensation system
  • Ergonomically designed workstation table
  • Gloreha Pro 2 main unit and control software
  • Set of Gloves and Wrist braces in range of sizes for left and right hands

Coming soon

Gloreha Sinfonia adds active-assisted support to the Gloreha Pro 2. With this next generation product, the Gloreha glove senses the users movement intention and then acts to support that movement as necessary

    The gloreha glove leaves the palm free

    Gloreha Dynamic Arm Support

    Customisable Parameters

    • Patient specific exercise plan and performance tracking
    • Flexion-extension range of motion can be set for each individual digit
    • Customisable exercise duration
    • Customisable pauses after flexion/extension movement
    • Audio and video effects
    • Controllable movement speed
    • Vocal guidance in the execution of the therapy
    • Background music during the therapy

    Clinical Benefits

    • Maintaining and improving finger joint range of motion
    • Prevention of adhesions, contractures and damage caused by prolonged immobilisation
    • Reduced pain, oedema and hypertonia
    • Stimulation of proprioception
    • Improving joint metabolism and blood and lymphatic circulation 
    • Maintaining functional body awareness
    • Improving coordination, dexterity and functional independence
    • Increasing grip and pinch strength
    • Improving visual-spatial exploration and attention abilities