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Indego Therapy - Alice's Story

Alice’s Story

Meet Alice

After her brain injury, there seemed little hope for recovery. With the right therapy, tools and attitude she has defied all odds.
Her stepfather, Bob, and therapists at More Rehab tell us her story, her rehabilitation journey so far, and the particular benefits of walking therapy with the Indego exoskeleton.

We’re sure you agree that she is an extraordinary woman!
We also hope that you can see that it is a combination of great therapy, excellent technology, incredible support and hard work that creates results. Here at Anatomical Concepts we focus on the Technology, and we partner with great therapists (just like More Rehab) who we know will give a high standard of support, training and encouragement.

We’d like to extend our thanks and gratitude to Bob Goodman, and the wonderful team at More Rehab

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