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RehaStim Unit offer

RehaStim FES unit Offer

Who is this offer for?

We are making an offer of just 3 RehaStim 2 FES units. This is an offer that will be of interest to three groups of people

  • Therapists and other clinicians that already understand the potential of FES and want a very flexible and powerful tool to use in their routine clinical work.
  • Private individuals or therapy practices that currently have a MOTOmed Viva2 and wish to upgrade this to full FES Cycling capability at a great price
  • Private individuals who have visited one of our clinical partners, experienced the RehaStim 2 being used in their therapy and want their own unit

What is FES anyway?

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is a very powerful tool for the clinician and it is increasingly deployed in the therapy and rehabilitation of conditions such as Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, MS, Parkinson's Disease and more. It can be used to preserve or build up muscle strength, improve motor function or even stabilise the cardiovascular system.

Claire Lomas is a regular RehaMove user

The RehaStim 2 units we offer from Hasomed GmbH are most frequenty seen at the heart of our very popular RehaMove FES Cycling system. These units combine nicely with a motorised bike (Reck MOTOmed Viva2) with an 8 channel RehaStim FES unit and are used by hundreds of persons to exercise at home when paralysis would normally prevent active leg or upper limb exercise.

FES Cycling has many benefits - it maintains cardiovascular fitness, bone strength and joint flexibility; it helps to keep pressure sores at bay and are often used following a catastrophic injury. These RehaMove bikes are routinely used by persons at home but they are not inexpensive.

Our FES Cycling clients, like Claire Lomas here, often enjoy one of the hidden extras - Sequence Mode Software - that allows the FES unit to be used in powerful applications independent of the bike.

To learn more about FES Cycling see our dedicated website at

What is Sequence Mode Software?

With the help of Sequence training, the full power and flexibility of FES as a therapy and rehab tool can be brought to life.  Hundreds of FES applications are possible with a RehaStim 2 with Sequence Mode software. 

Standard templates allow an easy and quick setup of a Sequence of muscle activations that have a useful pupose.  Alternatively, you can create your own programmes that can generate a sequence of muscle activations with precise timing. So for example you can generate a sequence that activates the quadriceps for 1.8 seconds and then 0.4 seconds later activates the hamstring muscles. Precise control over when to "turn on" or "turn off" muscle groups is a key to many functional applications.  For example, there are templates for

  • Hand/wrist flexion and extension
  • Elbow flexion and extension
  • Knee flexion and extensi
  • foot dorsiflexion/plantarflexion
  • Shoulder stabilisation/straightening
  • Abdominal training
  • Back strnegthening
  • Sit to stand exercises
  • Gait training
  • Crawling

Take a peak at the short manual below to see some of the pre-designed templates.  Look at the video that shows just one application.

Here is a video showcasing a therapist using a RehaStim 2 with Sequence Mode in a gait training application

Why this offer?

We brought in three RehaStim 2 units for a training course and they weren't needed so we are looking to offer these three units only at a heavily discounted price rather than have them in stock.  They were used once only for just a few minutes.  Each unit is a brand new 8 channel RehaStim 2 system offered with full 2 year warranty and the following parts

Exclusive RehaStim 2 offer

  • New RehaStim 2 control unit
  • Sequence Mode software
  • Dual trigger switch
  • Left and right electrode cable
  • Aluminium carry case
  • Four packs of electrodes
  • Safety cut-out switch
  • Manual

Recommended product only price would be £3,744.20 ex VAT for this specification.

OUR OFFER PRICE £3,044 ex VAT.  A saving of £700.


  • there is no FES Cycling software on these units but this can be added at anytime
  • we are not able to visit you to demonstrate on this occasion. If you want to see the product in action we will arrange this with one of our therapy partners
  • If you need guidance on contraindications and who can use these devices safely please ask using the form below. Each system is provided with essentail safety information and guidance on usage
  • training is not included in this price.  Some clinicians may not need it. For individuals needing training this can be arranged for a small additional fee via one of our therapy partners.
  • This is a very nice money-saving option for someone with an existing MOTOmed VIVA2 interested in converting this to an FES enabled bike.

To use these units in FES Cycling - effectively creating a RehaMove 2 unit from an existing MOTOmed viva2, you would need to add a mounting bracket, additional software for leg and or upper body software and potentially a new MOTOmed control unit.  If this is of interest please complete the form below and we can explore some options for you.  The savings will be significant but to some extent will depend on the age and condition of your MOTOmed.


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Why UK Clients only?

We are restricting this offer to UK clients only. This is in line with our policy of only providing products that we can support in our own region. If you are based outside of the UK we will connect you to the manufacturer who may be able to supply you via a local dealer.