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Stimulette Edition 5

An introduction to the Stimulette Edition 5 Electrotherapy product.

Stimulette Edition 5 Overview



The principles of using electricity as a therapy tool have been known for decades. Advances in technology and know-how mean that modern electrotherapy practice is evidence based and used appropriately it has an amazing ability to be effective across a wide range of application areas.

The body itself has “natural energy systems” at the cellular level and some view electrotherapy as the means to deliver the neceesary and sufficient energy to overcome the energy of the cell membrane and encourage changes in cell behaviour. As electrotherapy has developed over the decades the subtlety of how energy can be delivered has improved - so that these days it is less about forcing change and more about generating energy patterns that are similar to the endogenous currents we find in the body.

Stimulette Edition 5 S2x

The two channel, Stimulette Edition 5, represents a very powerful tool for the therapist who wishes to intervene in a broad range of situations common to physical rehabilitation whether necessary due to trauma, disease or sport

  • Muscle weakness in innervated muscles

  • Muscle weakness in denervated muscles (can be used as an alternative to the Stimulette Den2x)

  • Pain - acute, chronic, nociceptive or neuropathic (Nociceptive pain is the body’s response to harmful stimuli, such as a pulled muscle or broken bone, whilst neuropathic pain is related to problems in the neurological system)

  • Central nervous pareses

  • Palmar psoriasis

This is possible by deploying a wide range of electrotherapy waveforms covering the most widely used and evidence based approaches. The available waveforms mean that the patient can be treated without resorting to complicated adjustments to stimulation parameters.

Six programmable current waveforms allow the user to individually adjust the current parameters. This is accomplished via an intuitive, touch screen interface. The Stimulette Edition 5 S2X is a Class IIb Medical Device, manufactured to the highest standards. Each time the device is turned on a comprehensive self-test checks the function of the device ensuring client safety.

The Stimulette Edition 5 is commonly used with carbon rubber and wet sponge electrodes

The Stimulette Edition 5 is commonly used with carbon rubber and wet sponge electrodes

Application to the lower limbs

Application to the lower limbs

Waveform Overview

Here is an overview of the waveforms offered in the Stimulette Edition 5. In some cases, various alternative names are given to these waveforms - we describe the ones referred to in the technicla and user manuals for the product. Contact us if clarification is needed.

  • Galvanisation - Three subgroups

  • impulse Galvanisation - Two Subgoups

  • Frequency Modulation

  • Ultra-Reizcurrent

  • Diadynamic Waveform - Four Subgroups

  • TENS - Three Subgroups

  • High Voltage - Two Subgroups

  • Medium Frequency Current Waveforms

  • Exponential Current Waveform - Four Subgroups

  • Surge Current - Four Subgroups

  • Interference Current

  • Programmable Waveforms - Six Programmable Waveforms for custom use

For further information on the Stimulette Edition 5 please use the form below. We intend to write blog articles in the weeks to come showcasing each of the protocols and what they are used for. This is a specialised product and can be used in a general clinic situation but also can be programmed for use at home by a single user with guidance from ourselves or one of our clinical partners.

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