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RehaTrode Electrodes

RehaTrode Electrodes

from 9.10

One set of reusable, self-adhesive electrodes of good quality.  Supplied in a resealable packet. Electrodes are supplied attached to a thin sheet for storage. See handling instructions for maximum life. These are designed for use with the RehaMove FES Cycling system and the Standard Size are normally supplied with each system.

These high quality, reuseable electrodes are typically used - for low power stimulation of leg or arm muscles. These electrodes should last for approximately 30 sessions.  Available types:

  1. LARGE - rectangular, large size (7.5 x 13 cms) in packs of TWO
  2. STANDARD - rectangular, standard size ( 5 x 9 cms) in packs of FOUR
  3. OVAL - oval shaped (4 x 6.4 cms) in packs of FOUR
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