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Architects of Effective Rehabilitation

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Established in 1995, Anatomical Concepts (UK) Ltd was founded by clinicians, engineers and business professionals.

Our broad experience in a number of related areas of rehabilitation means we are well placed to serve clients with diverse and complex needs.


We design, develop and distribute innovative and clinically effective healthcare solutions on an international basis. The core products we offer are widely used in rehabilitation - whether in a hospital or home environment.

Based in Clydebank Scotland, Anatomical Concepts works with technology and therapy partners throughout Europe and directly with NHS and private hospitals, case managers, therapists, legal teams and other care providers as well as private individuals. The products and services we offer aim to improve the quality of life of people affected by conditions such as stroke, diabetes, spinal cord injury, arthritis and multiple sclerosis as well those recovering from catastrophic injury.

The company directors work closely with other clinicians to ensure that our products are effective and refined in practice.

Cross appointments with University and research organisations have always allowed us to maintain awareness of emerging technologies and concepts. We are represented at conferences and seminars around the world and recognised for our own research and educational expertise.

We currently represent the following brands

  • Anatomical Concepts Inc, Ohio, USA - Orthotic products
  • Hasomed GmbH, Magedburg, Germany - RehaMove FES Cycling,  RehaGait - Gait analysis
  • Parker Hannifin Corp - Indego Powered Orthosis
  • Igrogenet Srl, Brescia, Italy - Gloreha Hand Rehabilitation Glove
  • MATIA Robotics, Tek RMD - Robotic Mobilisation Device
  • BioServo Technologies AB - SEM Glove
  • Klaveness Skofabbrik AS, Sandefjord, Norway - Prescription footwear

Directors: Derek Jones, William A Munro, Kenneth D Munro, W Detoro

Anatomical Concepts (UK) Ltd is Registered in Scotland No SC162409

VAT Number GB 703 6561 50